New app: History for Kids

Great! Here you have History for Kids, an amazing world civilizations atlas game to make history addictive and engaging for kids. Kids History Atlas is a game that gives kids a chance to explore Continue reading

Why are we creating a history app?

We believe that it's important to learn history, teaching the historic development of the peoples make us aware, in first place, about our temporality, to situate ourselves in our own histor Continue reading

Kids 3D Atlas, an amazing game to make geography addictive and engaging

Great! Here you have Kids Atlas 3D, an amazing world atlas game to make geography addictive and engaging for kids.

Atlas 3D for Kids is a game that gives kids a chance to explore our Continue reading

Digital experiences in school with the Make it app

Do you need customized activities for your students? Would you like to have di Continue reading

New App: Little Explorers

Everything your kids need to know about the world in one app

Teach your kids about the many beautiful things of the world with the Little Explorers app for IOS. Littl Continue reading

We are updating our History Atlas!

We have received one thousand emails with proposals from our Kids History Atlas app users. With this information we have chosen which civilisations will be part of the next app update. The new c Continue reading

Celebrate #Gameday! Make it FREE: Create your own interactive games!

Make It is a powerful tool which addresses user-generated content demands, by combining multiple Continue reading

Planet Pirates and Robots & numbers, now for Android

After a while in the Appstore we decided to develop two of our most appreciated apps to Android, and finally you can download and try for free. We hope you like them a lot and especially your ch Continue reading

Hooray! Two of our apps are out for Android today!

Kids Planet Discovery -  This full-length featured app brings to life our wonderful and amazing Continue reading

Why should your children be into geography?

There has never been a better or more important time to learn about geography. First of all we must understand the breadth of the study of geography; that it is much more than reading maps and m Continue reading