A sneak peek of our new app

Our new app "My first atlas" is near, and it comes full of interactive content about the different cultures of the world but also with some curiosities to share with your kids. Here yo Continue reading

Our educative tool Make it Teachers, is out for Android devices!

Make It is a powerful authoring tool for Android, iPad & Mac that allows educators of all kinds to create and share their own educational content. Download today on the Play Store for Androi Continue reading

How it works? New game to learn and discover

Great! Here you have “How does the world work?”, an amazing app that transforms the children into little scientists that ask, observe, understand… there are m Continue reading

Make a wind powered car

Our app "How does it works?" is near, here you have a sneak peek of it.

Wind energy is generated by using the power of the wind. The wind has been used for many years Continue reading

Super spring sale for education fans!!!!

If you haven't tried Make It for Teachers yet, this special offer is just for you! Get up to 70% off a 1-year Make It subscription. To redeem this specia Continue reading

How to use the Make it tool in a Flipped Classroom?

On March 10 we launched our application to make and share didactic activities for ipad and Mac computer, which in summer wi Continue reading

New Make It for Teachers is Here!

Good news for parents, teachers and educators: Make It is out now!
Make It is a powerful authoring tool for iPad & Mac that allows educators of all kinds to create and share their ow Continue reading

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your children

These days we are preparing the section of the Earth of our new app. And talking with children 7 and 8 years old we have realized that even though they memorize that "the earth revolves aro Continue reading

How does the world works?

Continue reading

New app: History for Kids

Great! Here you have History for Kids, an amazing world civilizations atlas game to make history addictive and engaging for kids. Kids History Atlas is a game that gives kids a chance to explore Continue reading