How to use the Make it tool in a Flipped Classroom?


On March 10 we launched our application to make and share didactic activities for ipad and Mac computer, which in summer will be available on other platforms. We believe that it is a tool with many possibilities, for instance, today we are going to talk about you how to use it in a Flipped Classroom.

First we will have to define what is a Flipped classroom and we will do it from the clear definition that we find in

"Pedagogical model that transfers certain processes out of the classroom and uses the class time, together with the teaching experience, to facilitate and promote processes of acquisition and practice of knowledge within the classroom."

As seen in the definition this implies an overcoming of the passive model of the student in the classroom, with this methodology the student is the one who becomes the true protagonist of his own learning.

Make it allows, in a very simple way to perform a set of activities of any subject to be solved by other students. This forces the student to think a script, to structure exercises, to assess the difficulty of these, to know the answers to the questions that he wants to pose ... to present the content in different ways and to demonstrate that he has understood it. If we also do it as a team, cooperation is necessary to reach a satisfactory result.

It should also be taken into account that the resulting exercise is very complete, because it requires summarizing, writing, working with images, can be done in different languages ​​...

Make it a tool that can greatly help motivation and understanding concepts.

With this exercise you can:
- The discussion starts from student-student and not just from teacher-student.
- Critical thinking.
- Work is done through cooperative learning.
- The content is focused on a real context.
- The intellectual challenge comes from the students themselves.
- Students move from being passive listeners to active learners.
- Download it and try it for a month for free! We look forward to your feedback.