La Factoria Apps
Kids World Cultures

An app created for children to become explorers of our world. In Kids World Cultures they will find information about cultures, animals, music, food, costumes, geography and more. Moreover, they are going to be able to track their progresses with a passport until they become Explorers. Put the world in their hands and inspire a love for our planet while they are discovering the diverse world we live in.

FCB Math Champion

Accept the challenge and... Add, subtract, shoot, score and win the 4 cups! It is a funny and entertaining way to sharpen up your mind and get the photos of the best players of the world. FCBMathChampion is a game for all the ages over 7, where you will have to push your limits and get over some maths problems to get more than 200 photos and exclusive videos of the first team players of Football Club Barcelona.

Kids U.S. Atlas

It is the perfect app for learning more about the USA! Kids U.S. Atlas is an ideal app for children to explore the states, the lakes, the rivers, the animals and even the World Heritage sites from the USA among other categories. This app has a wide range of activities and information to learn more about this huge nation while kids are playing and having fun. 

Little Dinos

With Little dinos the youngest of the family will be able to discover the world of dinos. This app is full of puzzles, visual acuity games, memory, flashcards, find the difference, paint ... and much more for kids aged 2 years and above. Kids will have hours of fun as they explore and learn all about the dinos.

Kids World Atlas

A geography app to play, learn and discover the world. 7 apps in the same one. With this app your children will learn a lot about rivers, animals, seas, mountains, weather and much more. Kids World Atlas includes more than 200 images and 42 games and activities such as quiz, puzzles, order the elements... There are many activities where children are going to be able to show what they know about the world around us.

Planet Clowns

One application related to clowns. Apart from having the functions that can be found in other apps; this one also includes two new functions: one space where the videos and images of “Clowns without borders” can be seen and another space where it will be possible to take photos of you imitating the clowns’ faces that appear in the screen. This app is a really fun way to have a good time with these funny characters.

Aliens & Numbers

The number’s learning is a trouble for kids. This challenge can be funnier and easier thanks to aliens. Aliens and Numbers was created for having the first contacts with numbers and their learning.  It is a good way to learn the numbers and Maths. There are many activities in the same one to discover the mathematic world with aliens’ company. 

Planet Halloween

The magic world fascinates the littlest of the house. For this reason this application will help them to discover this world with a huge amount of games and activities. With Planet Halloween they will discover not only witches and ghosts, but also fairies and even elves. An application full of fantasy that will not let children lose their magic.

Robots & Numbers

Learning the numbers until now wasn’t so funny, but with Robots and Numbers it will be. With this app the littlest can have their first contacts with the number in the funniest possible way. You can choose between two levels: numbers from 1 to 5 and numbers from 5 to 10. With the robots kids will learn to count and recognize the numbers with games as puzzles fill the gaps or connect the dots. It’s one funny and educative application for the littlest ones.

Planet Dinos

Young children and non-readers will have hours of fun exploring the world of dinosaurs in Planet Dinos. With more than 100 activities  including paint and color, puzzles, spot the differences, memory games and many more. Planet Dinos is our most downloaded app, available around the world, for both Apple and Android, and comes loaded with 8 languages to choose from!

Planet Pirates

Pirates have always been a favorite in children’s stories and with these fun, uniquely illustrated characters, kids can discover the Pirate world while they have fun playing over 100 different activities including games, puzzles, paintings, memory games and many more.

Planet Geo

Developed with teachers and including school curriculum elements, Planet Geo has a wide range of activities and information for children and teens to learn about the world we live in. With continental puzzles to solve, cities to find, national flags and anthems to uncover it also features games with facts, information and images of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites from around the world. Download now for an A* in Geography!

Dress Up Characters

Dress up has all your favorite fairytale characters and a full wardrobe to try! Kids can have fun dressing-up characters in unusual clothes and save the look to share later and learn more about the world’s national costumes.

Shop & Math

With this amazing 10 stores, now you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a Store Play Set! With engaging graphics & delightful characters this educational app is a fun way to practice sums and counting.
Kids will have fun for hours as they learn and explore maths and numbers!

Planet Fantasy

Enjoy discovering the world of Fantasy with games and adventures for children of all ages. With 8 amazing worlds with engaging graphics & enchanting characters, this is a great app for kids.

It includes a Storyteller for unleash your kids creativity!

Planet Ghost

Discover the world of Ghosts and Ghouls with 7 apps-in-one and enjoy hours of games and activities. The app is easy to navigate and full of puzzles, games of visual acuity, flashcards, spot-the-differences, paints... and much more for kids to engage with. All our apps are designed to help kids develop their creativity, awareness and understanding.

Planet Paint

Let your kid's imagination fly while they are painting.  A great app to help develop their creativity, it includes over 60 drawings, from princesses to animals and even types of transport. With 5 different stories to choose from, Planet Paint will build and encourage the artistic skills of any child. So easy-to-use, kids can easily navigate by the app themselves.

Planet Animals

 With Planet Animals children will discover the animals thanks the big amount of puzzles, games of visual acuity, memory, spotting the differences, or even flashcards, among many others. Many activities to have fun during hours, at the same time that child are learning the environment of these animals. It includes 6 apps in the same one. Look no further! Easy to use and perfect to get used your children to the animals’ world. 

Planet Unicorns

Young children and non-readers will have hours of fun exploring the world of unicorns in Planet Unicorns.  With 6 apps within the same one with lots of activities including memory games, puzzles, spot the difference or even the possibility to dress up your unicorn.  Children will develop their skills while they are playing and learning with these funny animals.

Planet Witches

Witches are one of the characters that often appear in kids’ tales. In Planet Witches all the activities for developing your children’s skills are wonderfully illustrated and full of entertaining with these funny characters, the witches. Lots of educational activities like puzzles, connect the dots, dressing up and so on to have hours of play and discovery.

USA for Kids

As one of the most diverse countries in the world, USA for Kids is an ideal app for both home-grown and international kids who want to learn more about the nation. Explore the states and cities; uncover information about the Presidents; discover the sport and music and more with our fun, educational activities. A perfect starting point if you are planning to visit the USA with your kids!

Planet Go

Enjoy discovering vehicles with child safe games and have fun for hours as they learn and explore land, sea and air transport (ships, planes, cars, trucks, trains, balloons, submarines, etc). In this app you will find puzzles, games of visual acuity,  flashcards, spot the differences, paints... and much more for your kids. Planet Go contains 100 games, with different levels of difficulty and content for children aged 2 years and above.

Planet Farm

Do you want your child to know the farm animals? Do not look forward. Planet Farm is the app you have been looking for. 6 apps within the same one, with a great number of activities: jigsaw puzzle, memory games, drawings to spot the differences, to paint… all of them with funny images of the farm world. Make your children have fun at the same time they learn with this complete but easy-use app.