Make a wind powered car


Our app "How does it works?" is near, here you have a sneak peek of it.

Wind energy is generated by using the power of the wind. The wind has been used for many years to move the blades of the mills, and is currently also used to move wind turbines. Here an idea to understand the power of the wind while doing an experiment with our kids:

Necessary materials:
A rectangular foam board with a cut in the middle
Two long straws
A polo stick or a similar
A small square cardboard piece
Two long and thin sticks (that can fit inside the straws)
Four wooden wheels (or Lego wheels or other suitable wheels)
Stickers for decoration
Duct tape

How to make it:
Cut and decorate your foam board with stickers as desired. Using duct tape, stick the straws to both ends of the foam board. Slide the fine wooden sticks through the straws. Place the wooden wheels at the end of the sticks and prevent the wheels from falling off by using play dough. Test the wheels! Decorate the paper or cardboard with stickers. Using duct tape, attach the paper to a stick and insert the stick into the slit made in the foam board. The wind powered car is ready to go! Let's race!