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The Lighthouse - Our new app

An app that helps children manage and express their emotions, and that provides tools and activities to help us relax when certain emotions take over. All of this thanks to mindfulness: exercise Continue reading

The app that answers the ultimate question

" How Do Things Fly?" is an educational and fun game for learning how flying machines work: the plane, the helicopter, the drone and the hot air balloon... Pilot the different aircraft Continue reading

Our new app "How do animals work?" it's out!!

What boy or girl is not fascinated by animals? Enjoy and learn while discovering seven vertebrates of the Amazon rainforest with all their systems - such as circulatory, nervous, and digestive - Continue reading

How it works?

Aquest estiu hem fet un update per celebrar els tres anys del llançament de "Com funciona el món?" la primera aplicació de la col·lecció "Learny Continue reading

Create your own city

Let your imagination run wild and create the city of your dreams. Build houses, skyscrapers, stores, cinemas, factories, farms, power plants... the bigger your city, the more buildings you can b Continue reading

Extraordinary women, stories to inspire you

How many women mathematicians do you know? And women mountain climbers or swimmers? History is full of girls who were warriors and rebels who have done incredible thi Continue reading

Code the robot. Save the cat.

“Code the Robot. Save the Cat” is a fun and educational game used to learn the basics of programming and logic. Explore actions, loops, functions and conditions.
Play and lea Continue reading

"How does the Human Body Work?"

Explore the human body and discover how your organs and muscles work. Play and learn as you watch the heart pump blood, where the food we eat passes, why a mosquito b Continue reading

Women who changed the world

How many female astronauts do you know? How about female painters? History is full of rebel warrior girls who have done incredible things. It's time to meet them.
From aviators to sc Continue reading