New app: History for Kids


Great! Here you have History for Kids, an amazing world civilizations atlas game to make history addictive and engaging for kids. Kids History Atlas is a game that gives kids a chance to explore the history of our planet through challenging activities and games. It features engaging lessons that teach them about different historical civilizations from the Incas, to the Imperial Chinese,from the Vikings to ancient Egypt.

With this Great Atlas of Civilizations you can explore a total of 13 civilizations, using real images and meaningful explanations. By the moment, you can find: prehistory, Aztecs and Mayas, Incas, Native Americans, Vikings, Middle Ages, Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, Imperial Chinese, Feudal Japan and The history of India. The app, has also a timeline where the elements are chronologically ordered.

How does it work? First, you choose one of the 13th civilitzations and explore the map with different interactive information on it and then you play the engaging games and level up your avatar to unlock amazing prizes and become a History Master.

Kids 3D atlas is made by Planet Factory ( and all our materials are designed to encourage your child's development and are selected and created by educators and experts. Let your kids play with our games and help instill a love for our world!

Download the History for Kids game now, learning Geography has never been so fun!!!!

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