How it works? New game to learn and discover


Great! Here you have “How does the world work?”, an amazing app that transforms the children into little scientists that ask, observe, understand… there are many things to discover in the world that surround us! The app will introduce them into the world
of the scientific knowledge and will answer their curiosities about plants, volcanoes, earthquakes, energies…

An application that is full of colour, attractive and simple for the little ones, this app will allow them to play, read, listen, watch animations, do experiments…. Amusement and learning without limits to satisfy their curiosity and discover how our planet works.
How does the app work?
• It is divided in 6 themes to explore, with big and animated images
• Animations to comprehend the functioning of the phenomena
• Very easy experiments to perform at home
• Simple and clear explanations
• Fun games to reinforce the learning of the different concepts
• Locutions to facilitate the understanding of non-readers

We create apps to leave the world better than how we found it! Let your kids play with our games and help instill a love for our world! Download the “How does it works?” for Kids now, learning about the planet has never been so fun!!!!