Tips for travelling with children


Do not worry if you keep asking yourself the same questions while you are preparing a trip with your kids: “Is it a good place for them?”“Are they going to enjoy?”. It is quite normal, in fact it happens to all of us. This is why we are going to give you some tips:

  • All the kids love playing. It doesn’t matter where the holidays are, never mind whether you are at the beach or in the mountains, but you must find a while and a place to play.
  • Everywhere you are going to eat and of course, you might enjoy or not (depending on everyone’s likes). However, your children will enjoy more a restaurant if it has a recreation area, if the restaurant provides them with a paper and colours to draw or just if the waiter makes them a joke.
  • In these trips, as in daily life, there must be different types of activities. It’s true that maybe, as parents, going with a small train all around the city is not the type of activity you would choose; but your kids will be crazy about it! And it is quite obvious that if they are motivated and enthusiastic, we’ll ensure part of your success.
  • They are already over the type of sentences, which all of us have thought at least once:   “The hotel doesn’t matter at all; we are going to go there just to sleep”. With children not only are you going to sleep there, but also you are going to spend time there. So it will be worth to find a hotel with a recreation area or maybe with a club where some activities for children are held … They will have a great time!
  • And, our last tip, prepare them a surprise. Every one of us loves surprises and specially children. A visit in a place you are sure they are going to enjoy, an activity that they really want to do it, any idea will be great and it will help them to remember the trip with a big smile.

Of course, if you only have into account these five tips we are not going to achieve the perfect trip; but, at least, you are going to be closer... It’s time to travel!