The adventure of travelling with children


Since we travel with children the adventure is not longer more to know where you are going to sleep and to know when and what you are going to eat ... Now, the adventure is to know how we are going to fit everything you need into one suitcase and how are you going to make your child share the excitement and discovery. Now the trip is not only the two weeks we are away from home. The trip starts before; at home, with the children. It is here where the importance of learning geography, culture ... is shown.

Put yourself in your child's shoes: imagine, for example, that from home you see images of the Eiffel Tower, you know the number of stairs, and you listen to its history. Then, you arrive there and... voilà! The Eiffel Tower! This previous knowledge before the experience helps children to live the trip in a more intensive way. Watching films where the city appears, reading books, listening to songs in their language or even tasting the typical food from the place you are going to visit are fantastic ideas in order to make kids show an interest and motivation to the trip.

And here a proposal to make children remember the trip. Give them a notebook or a tablet; let them take photographs, write, draw ... in order to have the memories of all they have lived in a paper or virtual book. And, once you return home, you can continue travelling; looking the photos, reading the diaries they have written ... playing with applications of the world ;)