Hooray! Two of our apps are out for Android today!


Kids Planet Discovery -  This full-length featured app brings to life our wonderful and amazing world, packed with activities for kids and families to explore our cultures, continents, animals, music and much more. Selected by Apple for inclusion in both their ‘World Cultures Collection' and ‘Best Apps for Elementary School’ categories, it has also topped the ratings in dozens of specialist blogs, and now at last available at Google Play in it's Freemium and Premium versions! 

Continuing with our leimotive Enjoy discovering, with our app Kids Like Me you are going to learn how children live in other countries, but also that all of us are kids: we want to play and laugh and we have dreams and wishes. Kids Like Me wants to bring peace to the world and you can be part of this project by sending us your story.

Don’t hesitate and download Our apps today on the App Store or Google Play!