Digital experiences in school with the Make it app


Do you need customized activities for your students? Would you like to have digital resources for projects working in school and cannot find? Create them with the app Make it, in only two minutes.
This 2015-2016 school year San Ignacio School from Manresa city has worked with our app Make it and have sent us their experiences. First grade teachers prepared exercises wutg the application to revise the mammals’ project they were doing in class. After, all pupils together with the whiteboard in the classroom solve the exercises and talk about their progress. The teachers appreciate the Make it for how easily they create their own content "we work on projects and do not find material that fit for each class, because based on the interests of students every project has different content," they tell us. That is why fits the Make it "allows us to tailor activities to the class that really interested and fit with which we are working."

The teachers and children are very happy, but found some improvements to our app that will be useful to improve the next version of the Make it app. So, if you have experiences and comments, please write us! Add your ideas about the next version we will launch in early 2017.