New app: What were the dinosaurs like?


Great! With this app you will enjoy discovering the world of dinosaurs through games and beautiful animations. Learn about carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs. Find out how paleontologists work.

"What were dinosaurs like?" is the perfect app for inquisitive children. Through easy to understand narrated texts, educational games and incredible illustrations, it teaches children basic information about dinosaurs, including what they looked like, how they lived, how they reproduced, and what they ate...

The app also has lots of educational games to play without any rules, pressure or time limits. Suitable for all ages!

How does the app work?

• Learn basic information about dinosaurs.

• Lots of educational games including: finding buried bones, learning dinosaur names, playing puzzles, pretending to be a paleontologist, putting dinosaur skeletons together...

• Completely narrated. Perfect for non-readers and children who are starting to read.

• Content suitable for children aged 4 and over. Games for the whole family. Hours of fun. No Ads.

Download the “What were the dinosaurs like?”